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8 Flat Screens!!






Tadd Casey Says...

 "The Moon is the perfect spot to

end a tough day."   

Come on in, pull up a stool,

get a drink and order some grub

"If we make fun of you we like you, 

so come on in, we won't make fun of you..." 


Open at 11:30, Close when we get tired of looking at you...The friendly Staff will be right with you...




<<<<Here is Brother Adam

He won't make fun of you Either


And then there's Curly....

After Feeding the Hungry and quenching many thirsts...

He Calls it a Day....And then, After several rounds of Gift Certificate Exchanges...

Fun Turns to Tragedy....

"Down Goes Curly"

"Down Goes Curly"

What are our  fans saying...?



What's your favorite Menu Item

@ the Moon?


Kim Schwab Chicken wings or pizza...or a club..

Michelle Ezzo Selleck I have never had anything that wasn't good, the food , atmosphere, staff is GREAT!!

Jennifer Millis Svoboda Steamers with a Blue Moon, oh and sweet potato fries...They are the best!
Noelle Redman Mini Tacos!!!
Andrew Frenyea Cheesy Fries!!!!!!!!
Phil Camp PMS Pizza!
Rachael Hunsinger Lasagna!
Mary O'Connor OMG!!! The hot turkey sandwich with home made fries!!! The best ever!!!
Tara Allen Your pizza & sweet potato fries with melba sauce!!!
Katie Keller Slentz Wings..and it took 8 of us to finish a dozen..
Don DeZalia Jr. anything that comes out of your kitchen!
Sean M Babson Chicken Wings
Heather Havens  Chinese chicken pizza.
Mary Beth Casey The bacon-cheesburger club was great. Kelly & John had the chicken caesar salad. Everything there is great!!!
Keith Sheerer I like the Rivette with sweet potato fries
Donna Slack I am partial to the fish fry with double dip sweet potato fries and the lasagna comes in a very, very close second.
Ron Rock Jr Your wings !
John Payne Sampler Platter
Lisa Spoerl  I think I am partial to the pizza.... no wings.... no NY Strip...No Pizza ... yes the pizza it is! But seriously everything is AWSOME!!!
Luke Kelly pickled sausage
Jon Gray You know it's the pizza with spinach, onions, & pineapple. There is no competition.
Amy Savale Flinton The big beef burger..special sauce, lettuce, cheese,pickles, onions on full moon buns ? ok,ok...and spinach mushroom calzone..and teriyaki wings, and roast beef club, ad philly cheese sub, and poppers, and mini tacos, and steamers, and pizza, and chef salad, and.. and..
Laura Pavelko The basket of fried "goodness".
Ray Sipowicz  Giant turkey clubs
Sam Enbawe 6 barbecue wings and 6 medium wings
Chris Burns The chicken wings with a pitcher of ice cold beer....
Tj Donoghue Fried Popers!
Oakie Hot turkey sandwich with those now famous Fullmoon fries and GRAVY!!
Candace Kelly Have to say never had anything not delicious , but especially like the "chicken parm" wings recommended by Tadd!!



Check The Black Board to see if Adam has been "Inspired" today!!


What's your favorite Band 

@ the Moon?


Stephanie J. Rathbun Dirt cheap
Tammy Grabowski Lytle
Flackjaket, Phil Camp, Dreaded Wheat, Kings of stupid mountain....
Mary Lou Berry
Street Talk
Candy Hargett Funk..
The Butchers
Sarah Bills
Kings of Stupid Mountian!
Stephanie Pidgeon
Now Playing, Kings English, Dirt Cheap
Rebecca Harke
Rocking Horse, Kings English, Richie Ortiz
John Payne
King's English
Fawn Brown
Diana Tallon Book
Megan Houde's band "Brat Pak"
Candace Kelly
Country express!!!!
Mark Orlosky
Chain McLightning featuring the Casey Brothers Belly Dancers
Keith Sheerer Its got to be the
TONTO GOLDSTEIN SHOW! and not just because hes my cousin. BIG TUNA WOULD BE NICE.
Armando Defelice and featuring Jon gray on the djembe
Whitney Roe
Kings of stupid mountain!!
Meghan Farleigh Grimmer
Kings English!!!!
John Whitesel
Dirt Cheap
Allison Sullivan
Kings English!!
Suzanne Phillips
Big Smoothies
Jessica Brown
The Dust Patriots !!!!!!
Stephanie Pidgeon
Now Playing!
Cindy Affinito
Dirt Cheap
Kelly Casey
Kings of Stupid Mtn!

Ryan Vaughn
joe momma
Christine Sumner
street talk!!!
Doni Lynn Combs-Noble
Kings of Stupid Mountain!!!
Jennifer Millis Svoboda
Chain Lightning
ACandy Hargett Funk
The Butchers of course!!!!
Jessica Beaupre
Kings of stupid mountain
Joan Fiore Flanagan
Kings of Stupid Mountain!
Donna Slack
♫♫ Juke Box Hero's ♫♫
Jill Sica Hunt
The Butchers for sure!
Tricia Sheehan
Phillips Head!! Jason Irwin
Full Moon Bar & Grill call in for the
dance floor ninjas
Mary Beth Casey
Kings of Stupid Mountain Yeah!!
Kim Schwab
Even the Odd
Candace Kelly
Dance floor ninjas!
Dave DeAngelis
King's English......Book 2 play....Phillips Head....Halfstep...Hytyde ..Critters
Amy Savale Flinton ooo ooo
Joe Mama & Dirt Cheap !!!
Kimberly Seeley Bullard
The Butchers!!!!
Phil Camp
Full Moon Bar & Grill One call in for
Open Mic Night
Sam LaPoint P
hil Camp. But you should book the Dust Patriots!
Rachael Hunsinger
The Thursday Night Open Mike Guys, with Vince, on accordian.
Erin Magee
The Brat Pack!
Lisa McConnell
king english!!!CBB:)
Brian Greene j
oe mama band


Stop by and order you Full Moon Nice Rack hats and shirts...It's Huntin' Time!




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